Holes in Terrain - Was a Fix Ever Found

Started by WAS, January 17, 2021, 02:31:31 PM

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Was a fix ever found to help remedy these at render time? In some instances like in shadow, they kinda ruin the scene letting streaks of light in and stuff.


You can have a totally gap-free geo with "force all adges" enabled and the other 3 options disabled. Though you may not like disabling "fully adaptive" since that allows you to increase polygon size over distance.
I figured this out when exporting geo for an external project. There I set up a camera with orthographic view, thus fully adaptive not being important.
Another important finding was that with multi-threading you get many overlapping edges/vertices (can't remember which exactly) at bucket boundaries, thus I had to render the micro exporter images in single-threaded mode.
At least it gave me gap-free geo for export, but whether if this is useful for rendering a fully detailed scene with all the bells and whistles I doubt heavily.
Perhaps you can try enabled force all edges and increase displacement tolerance?
You have probably tried that already...


Thanks so much! I was doing a bit of a cave thing and it was starting to look great, save for thr streaks of light from holes on the walls