Cloud VIew Limit

Started by WAS, February 03, 2021, 01:37:47 AM

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Is there a limit to how far you can view clouds? I was fiddling with a solar system type idea again with twin planets forming a binary system. But my actual planet-planet was too close the "suns" so each moon had different lighting. So I pulled the planets out much further from the sun, and suddenly the furhter awway binary sun had disappeared, only the light source light in the extremely faint haze (2.5e-10 density) remains, and the closer suns orb turns into a square. I haven't seen this before, bur my scale solar system, and other mocks used a visible light source sphere rather than planets/clouds (as up close and lowering haze there is a sun surface for an idea of a fly by)

The second blue sun was only translated higher on Y and X to not be fusing with the other sun at a distance almost, so it isn't further away. Few it's just calculation falling apart at distance but I don't know for sure.


Did some fiddling and can only get a pixel of the second star to show vs nothing. Strange cause it's the same radius as the other sun, on the same Z axis. POO issue with distance and stuff?