Strata Shader Better Continuity Request

Started by WAS, March 21, 2021, 02:20:15 PM

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It would be really cool if we had a checkbox to have better continuity of angles, so all the hard edges are smooth transitions. It's really getting to be annoying that whatever you do with Strata suffers from pinches and folds when working with lateral cause of how the edges interact with displacement. Similar to terrains with line folds without the continuity check or using voronoi noises.,

Here's an example of the edges I mean but I'm sure it's self-explanatory with anyone that's used the shader. I don't want them totally smooth and thus not there, but just rounded off so that it doesn't create anomalies or errors in displacement.


Totally agreed. It's great that we have a strata shader, but a softer one would indeed be terrific. Same for fake stones. It would be great if the base were not the hard edged voronoi, but some soft base dots.
You could make your own strata shader with a stack of smooth steps from a color base or softish altitude or something, but that's not easily adjustable.


Yeah I have a strata shader I'm working on with Sin on Y and lots of smoothing and some stepped solid scalars, but getting the same effect of bushing the landscape about is really hard while also doing just the strata detail. I also tried going back to the terracing effect function and trying to smooth it's creases but couldn't.

I can also only hard code in steps, so working with it with any other terrain (where you need more steps, or less, etc) than what it's built with is going to be a bain of setting changes and sweet spot tweaks, just going to be a chore.