how do you think this was created?

Started by Balletdude, September 02, 2021, 12:11:27 PM

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I've seen this image on the Terragen website (see link at bottom for the page) the original piece was created by Jeff Boser. Is he a member of this forum?
I'm not trying to recreate an artists work, just wondering if this is something created solely in Terragen, or if it is perhaps an image map or an imported terrain from Gaea for example?

I'm unable to use that software so if it is an imported terrain is this possible in world creator?


I don't really understand this featured image, as it's by Rene van Megen, but it says the author is Jeff Boser. They are both TG users. And I believe the image Rene made is entirely TG. He has some posts/threads regarding mesa's.


thank you. Is it possible to search for his tutorials? I'm new to using forums, Usually stay away from them unless it's something I really need/interested in. Terragen has changed that


These are the threads you're looking for:

In this one Rene explains his technique for creating the mesa.

In this one he shares a file for a similar scene.,27828.0.html

Fair warning that Rene is the resident rock master.  Even with his tips it's very difficult to build rock formations like that in the showcase image, I've been trying for years.  

This is the closest I've gotten so far, which is still not to his level of rocky awesomeness.   :D



Thank you. I would live to just be able to get the thinner formations seen in the showcase image


Looks like image maps were used to me in the original. Not positive though.


Quote from: WAS on September 02, 2021, 01:50:38 PMLooks like image maps were used to me in the original. Not positive though.
That's what I thought at first