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    Mesa by Rene van Megen

    Terragen: Version 3
    Author: Jeff Boser
    Author’s website: http://gannaingh32.deviantart.com/

    Terragen in Film & TV

    Terragen has been used extensively in visual effects for motion pictures and TV by major effects studios including Industrial Light & Magic, MPC, Digital Domain, Pixomondo, Prime Focus, and many more. With uses ranging from background environments to photo-realistic foreground effects, this gallery shows just some of the films and television shows that were made with the help of Terragen.

    Featured Projects

    Honda ‘The Origin of Determination’ – VFX by A52
    1080 553 Planetside Software

    Honda’s new commercial, ‘The Origin of Determination’ is a spectacular new brand spot, with all vfx created by A52 through the agency RPA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_ZpE15892U Terragen Sky – a new, forthcoming application from Planetside Software – along with the planet-building powerhouse Terragen 4, were both utilized extensively by A52 to create the skies, clouds and landscapes…

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    Missing Link Set Extensions with Terragen
    Missing Link Skies and Set Extensions with Terragen
    1080 455 Planetside Software

    Some of the many set extensions Joe Beckley created in Terragen for Missing Link All green screen portions were rendered in Terragen We recently got the opportunity to sit down with Joe Beckley – Senior VFX Designer at LAIKA – to talk about his work using Terragen on their latest award-winning feature “Missing Link”. We’re…

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    Terragen in LAIKA's Missing Link
    An Interview with Joe Beckley, Digital Artist on LAIKA’s “Missing Link”
    1080 444 Planetside Software

    In late 2016 we were contacted by LAIKA, one of the most successful stop motion-focused production companies, and makers of the critically acclaimed “Kubo and the Two Strings”, among many other excellent films. They were just beginning experimental use of Terragen on their next film and were exploring some new tools for their potential contributions…

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