Crossroads from the 23rd century

Started by DocCharly65, October 17, 2021, 06:39:57 AM

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There'll be more details in future but not to much because even my 32GB RAM come to their Limit with this and the animation will show the street on the right in a camera path too.

This render is 4k just for me to get an overview and at the same time it gives me the possibility to check details.
Animation will be 1280x720 again.


Some 3D model credits:

FKMSA SERVE DROID WAITRESS - A 3D print model by papsikels
Street Buildings an traffic signs, lights etc. 3D Models by by Msasdt
Taxi Chevrolet malibu1981 lowpoly by arqlugo on CGTrader
Taxi FLEETLINE TAXI 1949 by arqlugo on CGTrader
Taxi Yellow cab Belair sedan 1955 by arqlugo on CGTrader
Truck Car Concrete mixer byTerlan-Design on CGTrader
Schoolbus by ericapg

And many cars from unknown artists I found on archive3d

On some cars I mounted hovering engines, only the delorean (by fabelar on cgtrader) was offered in this way.

The Quarks Bar neon sign is my own model I created in Blender 3D
The white window sticker with Quarks face I created after I got the inspiration from a T-Shirtlogo from



Jo Kariboo

Superb ... quite a challenge this light!



Thanks all  :)

Hannes, you'll see that shuttle in the Enterprise hangar again...   ;D

This night I finished the second street being filled with traffic and added some passengers. In the last picture there are still missing the traffic in 90° direction from left to right and right to left on the backmost street.
Then it's time to animate the scene.

One or two little shops will be added in the forground street top the left of Quark's bar.





All of the passengers are from Renderpeople. Their rigged people are not the cheapest but mostly compatible to MIXAMO so I love them... Hannes what do you say shall we add Rosy? - Again? ;D


She's famous enough by now to appear on a large billboard as a moviestar, I'd say!


Quote from: DocCharly65 on October 18, 2021, 12:32:41 AMHannes what do you say shall we add Rosy? - Again?
Oh yes, it's a must!!!! ;D Billboard would be great too.


you want Rosy? You'll get Rosy... fortunately I even kept the first Renderpeople freebie of Rosy, where she had some more cloth than the red one :)

The first raw animations can already be viewed here:,29593.0.html

Here are some final testframes of Quark's bar and some superheros who spend their vacation relaxing on the building roof:

temp.0019.jpg  temp.0105.jpg


The Heros are all from Renderhub. Batman is manually animated, Green Lantern and Spiderman are fully MIXAMO animated and Wonderwoman is a combination of a MIXAMO catwalk and a modification of her arm positions I made to get the look of balancing on the roof.


Well... I replied in the animation section, while I was searching my dropped jaw... ;)


Thanks very much Hannes :)

I answered your Rosy-question in the animation section.


I don't want to hijack your thread, but I couldn't resist and rendered Rosy with a subsurface scattering shader. Just for fun... ;)


;D ;D ;D 

You couldn't resist?
Tell me - - who can?    ;D

Looks great!