Render error messages without end....

Started by Aenea, January 31, 2008, 05:58:46 am

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Hi there!

I have huge problems with rendering:
It´s the same if I start Quick render or full render (I have TG2TP), after a few minutes I always get an error.

AppName: tgd.exe    AppVer:    ModName: trlib.dll
ModVer:    Offset: 00073ec7

and I can only close it..... does anyone know why this happens???

Thanks so much



Hm.... its not easy to say what is the problem.....

tell us more about your computer configuration, windoes version, tg2 version and so on....

current: AMD 4200+, 2 GB RAM, 500 GB, Geforce 7950 GX2
2010:    AMD Quadcore 3 Ghz, 4 GB RAM, more Space, ...
2015:    256 Core CPU, 16 GB RAM, more then 20 Terrabyte and a 64Bit Terragen Verison...


Does this happen with the default scene or is it specific to certain scenes you are trying to render? Can you tell us what is in your scene (e.g. water, clouds etc.)? Even better if you can send us a project file to test.

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there has also been the cases where updating video drivers have solved the might want to try that too...
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the tgd is in the attachment.

But I observed the problem not only on one PC. I tried my Notebook, my husbands PC (it´s a Quad Core with High end graphic card etc). Also I observed the problem on my business PC. So I tried all three variations of processor (single, dual and quad core). Different graphic cards....

The problem I observe seem to happen when I have objects in my pictures maybe.... I´m not sure. The current one is one with a planet.
My previous one was different. There it worked sometimes and sometimes not....


Well, After Downloading it,and opening it,Its my professional opinion,
that I have no clue as to whats wrong, After getting the image warning
it rendered for 2 minutes then promptly CTD'd.
     Are these computers that you tried high end ? Its possible that they simply
arent built for this type of use, How much and what type of RAM ?
what vid cards are installed, is it a clean system ?
     Its also possible that you yourself could be asking TG2 to do something it cant
and so..after having a nervous breakdown it crashes. I've done that many times
It may be an install problem,Have you tried re-downloading it and doing a clean install ?

Without knowing what type of system(s) you're on,its kinda hard to tell you whats wrong


Well, I don't have the terrain or texture, but the likely problem is you're using Through Camera Projection for your image map but with no assigned camera. Either assign a camera, or change to something like PlanY projection. Either that or it's the *extremely* high roughness in your water and thus a reflection-related crash, which is a known area of difficulty for the current renderer. A future renderer update should be more stable with rendering reflections, but the roughness you're using is still very, very high. I would recommend experimenting with more subtle settings and variations before "cranking things up" like this.

- Oshyan


Hi Oshyan!

I put the roughness down, changed the camera to plan y and deleted the power fractal shaders I put on the terrain.
Now it works....I´m going to find out by re-activating those things what it was...

@DanD: all systems are clean, and one of it is a ultra-high end system....
tried everything including installing re-installing....but it´s maybe really the thing Oshyan mentioned....

Thanks guys!