Rough Mountains

Started by viche12345, January 04, 2007, 10:30:06 pm

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My question is simple. Does anyone know how to create rough mountains and the realistic material displayed in this pic? I am a beginner to Terragen 2 and I need ideas and inspiration! Thanks...hehe  ;)


Possibly an alpine shader but they are horribly slow


Do you mean alpine FRACTAL or blend my current terrains with the alpine shader (I have no idea what this is and I will have to find out)?


when you add a terrain, you can either use a heightfield or what they call a procedural which is a planet wide terrain.  There's two types of procedural - Power fractal or alpine.  Give 'em a go and see which looks best


Is the bumpiness of the snow caused by the bumpiness of the terrain? Or is it caused by the shader?


Stack several fractals. For example 1 for the large features like the mountain itself. 1 for smaller features like ridges and 1 for very small stuff like bumps and pits.

Additionally you could add a fake stone shader, depending on the detail you need.


only problem with a render like this is the time it takes rendering the clouds....

also a twist shear shader could be used to some extent
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