help please new to terragen animation

Started by xlnc, March 30, 2008, 12:42:09 PM

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hi all

i have made a script using campath. but when i render animation, the frames are not completely rendered. here is what happens using different worlds.


In the 2nd and 3rd images there appears to be no terrain. Either no terrain is loaded, the "Land" checkbox (under the small render preview window) is disabled, or your camera is going *below* the terrain. In the 1st image it appears that there is terrain, but you seem to be below it (or below the water), so the sky "underneath" is rendering instead. Check your script camera altitudes to make sure they are always above the terrain *and* the water.

- Oshyan


I try and help but 'the team' always get there first grrr lol, but yeah I second that (for what its worth)  ;D