Couple useability suggestions

Started by Jeremy Ray, April 29, 2008, 10:56:41 pm

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Jeremy Ray

 - In Blender, when saving you can increment the file version number by using the "+" key.  I.E. say your file is image_001.bmp, and you want to save the next text render, you'd hit save>+>enter and image_002.bmp would be created.  Much faster than clicking in the text entry field, backspacing over "1," and entering "2."

- The scene I'm currently rendering is producing .tgd files that are less than half the size of the .bmp test preview files, which are only 338X152 pix.  How about an option to automatically save the .tgd with the .bmp (or other) image file?  I'm willing to trade a little hard drive space for a faster workflow (cut out the time it takes me to save new versions of a scene)

- this may have already been addressed in the alpha, but if not, how about giving the render view a "stay on top" property?