Surface Layer and Fractal Shader Ref Forms

Started by ZStar, May 12, 2008, 09:55:47 pm

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I have created a couple of forms with all of the fields for Surface Layers and Power Fractal Shaders.  I don't know if anyone else would find these forms useful but I have found them helpful as I learn how to use TG.  I can record all the settings for a successful layer or shader and then use it as reference when trying to tweak it for other uses. 

These may also be useful when people share their knowledge.  Feel free to use these when sharing .tgc's or in tutorials.  Each has room for two complete definitions.  I don't think I have missed anything.  Please let me know if I have.

I may create other reference forms as I get deeper into TG but these seemed like the big two.  I thought I would share these and see if there was interest in any others.


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