Highland Grass pack (Best grass yet!!!) (NEW LINK)

Started by lightning, July 05, 2008, 11:31:07 pm

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July 05, 2008, 11:31:07 pm Last Edit: July 07, 2008, 05:27:13 pm by lightning
Hey guys ;)
here is my highland grass pack i said i was making a while back
the grass comes with custom made textures
the model pack contains two double sided grass models


without installer and autorun (just packed)


this pack is a little different from my other packs
i am testing out my new autorun installation system i am planning to use when floraworks finally starts selling. so when you extract the archive just click the auto run program.
remember to read the pdf before you use the model ;)
This grass integrates nicely with my other released grasses as well as klases and zstars ;)
SPECIAL thanks goes Zstar for his excellent grass texturing technique
you can see here
thanks dude!!!

enjoy the models everyone and hope to see what you do with them ;D!!


July 06, 2008, 12:11:55 am #1 Last Edit: July 06, 2008, 12:15:22 am by neuspadrin
wow looks amazing.  might have to switch up the grass i'm using in my current wip for the next render ;).

the auto installer is nice, but i kinda prefer just copy/paste of tgo's into my custom directories on my external where i keep them.  also you installer doesn't install the pdf into the folder, which would be nice to help keep track of files.  just a suggestion for the next installer. 


Looks good, and thanks for sharing!  You should check your PM's over at Ashundar ;).
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Looks good, Lightning.  You managed to get the seed heads to show up better than I did.  I'm glad to contribute to the community and thanks for the acknowledgment.   :)   Good luck with Floraworks!


How could you make the best grass yet, when you already have the best grass yet?   ;D

Thanks.  I look forward to trying this.
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Thank you very much! These look really promising.   :o
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hey Jack
thanks for the generous gift yet again.

The installer is very professional looking and works beautifully. One thing - the music. If I'm playing music while I work, I really don't want an installer to suddenly bust in with those chimes. I don't think annoying your customers is going to help, so 10/10, five stars for everything else, but lose the music maybe?
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thnx guys ;D
so peejay and neuspadrin do you think i should can the auto run and installer and just go with packed models?


I dunno, I don't mind the installer, its just simplicity wise its so easy for me to just open a zip or rar and grab the files out and put in my folder, i see installers as installing programs, not just packs of models.  might cause some minor confusion to some people perhaps. 

As for the music i'd probably suggest not to have it, the graphics are nice though.  I had my computer muted so i didn't realize there was music going on in it.

Also, one other thing.  Personally im ok with rar and everything, but i know windows doesn't have rar support by default only zip.  I don't see how people live without rar support these days personally, but i was reminded that some people don't understand them when my dad had a rar sent to him and was completely confused about what to do with it.  Probably not as big of a problem among people using models though.  I don't know the compression differences between zip and rar offhand, but if its not that big i'd suggest probably using zip, but if it is, just go rar. 


In  one post I noticed "customers". Are you eventually going to begin charging for your vegetation?


Nice, but the installer does not change the model path, even if I specified another location.


well thats nothing to do with me its terragens inadequate model handling


Unfortunately the installer doesn't work on Mac - could you possibly share the files as normal for those of us who can't run an exe?
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July 07, 2008, 03:02:53 am #14 Last Edit: July 07, 2008, 03:33:15 am by lightning
uploading now ;) its packed as a rar
i will abandon the autorun install system i completely forgot about mac users
plus packing them as rar is a lot easier and faster ;)

sorry i cant upload at the moment my shitty internet keeps cutting out ::) i will try it tomorrow