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Started by ozijon, January 17, 2007, 01:52:11 AM

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Hi i'm still haveing problems getting the Xfrog free trees to get color in them i have unzipped them putting all the files into my tg2 files and then i converted them int tjo from obj and all the files are together in a file in tg2 and all i get is this so can someone please tell me what i'm doing wrong as i cant think of any other way to go about it
                                  Thank you


The free trees are already in TGO format so you shouldn't need to convert them, there's a TGO reader option when you import a population. 

(from memory 'cos I'm at work and can't check)

add population -> tgo reader -> pick the tgo you want to use.

They work perfectly for me (so well I ended up buying the basic pack which come as .obj files)


mmmmmm not sure if we are on the same track here im refuring to the Xfrog free trees wich were out when the tg2 come out something public plants they were all in obj I converterd them to tjo. The obj ones dont render it shuts of but as you can see in my pic the tgo ones do but only in black so im still a bit lost with it but thanks Frank for your help but im still stuck anyway mayby one day i'll get them working i hope so anyway


I got the free ones too.  They were .tgo files.  You might want to try re-downloading them actually, it MIGHT be that you got some slightly corrupt ones - I do remember it being a fairly huge download, something around 90Mb if memory serves from the link

There were 5 different plants in there as I recall.


Ahhh now i see where we are getting mixed up i'm refuring to the xfrog public plant on this add

They are the ones i'm haveing problems with not the other one they work no worrys these others are obj files I put them into tjo but as you se just black sorry about the confusion but lets see if i find the salution
                                                                                         Thanks  again


I believe this is a texturing issue. The free Xfrog plants are based on a much older version of the XFrog plants library and they do have some inherent issues with alpha and mapping. However part of the issue does lie within TG2's handling of OBJ files. This will be improved in an upcoming patch. In the meantime I believe the following thread covers your issue, including a possible workaround:

- Oshyan