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Started by cyphyr, December 02, 2008, 01:26:06 pm

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I dont know if this guys (Howie Farkes) work has been featured here before or not but I think its very good indeed, better than most vue work I've seen and definitely within the grasp of TG. What do you guys think?
Renderosity link

Ryzen 9 3900X @3.79Ghz, 64Gb (TG4 benchmark 6:20)
i7 5930K @3.5Ghz, 32Gb (TG4 benchmark 13.44)


I've seen his work.  I wish he would spend time within TG2 and maybe find ways to mesh Carrara and TG2 with postwork.  Looks talented.
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


Carrara is obviously better that Vue, but with the same plant support. I guess that would hold him back a bit in TG2...


I don't know how that would hold him back now.  Most plants are less than 16 textures and the Painter Shaders removes the lack of placement issues.  I haven't used Vue, except for a little bit on the free version, and haven't tried Carrara at all, so I'm not sure what their strengths are.  Just wondering why the transition would be that difficult.
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


Maybe Mohawk means that the plantsupport is different render-wise.
Carrara for sure and Vue in particular cases handles objects, like plants/trees etc., better than TG2.
I think the reason for this is that the background of the software is more orientated on modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering models, so very object-orientated.
The power of TG and in the meantime also it's weakness is that the renderer is more designed for realistic rendering of terrain, water and atmosphere.
I expect great improvement of TG in the field of object-handling and renderquality, although very good results can already be achieved.

Martin's (Hedenstroem, aka HowieFarkes) scenes depend heavily on its models and I think the current TG-engine can't yet stand up to Carrara's when it comes to handling and rendering objects. With handling I mean things like assigning lights to specific models etc.

Maybe also in general people are a bit "scared" to dive into TG and getting to learn all the ins and outs of the many functions, noise flavours etc. etc.



Some very impressive images in there. I think the lighting is key in most cases. Fortunately, as others have said, most vegetation objects have few textures, so TG2 could probably handle them. Lighting with decent GI settings also out to work fairly well. There are a few people trying images like these and getting close to this kind of result, but of course where TG2 excels is in the more distant shots with cloud and atmosphere (and looking in this fellow's gallery you can see Carrara does not measure up there). Every app has its strengths...

- Oshyan