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Started by Nico3333fr, January 12, 2009, 03:17:21 pm

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Hi guys !

I've added two new animations on my website :
-"Teachers", who is the result of an almost finished tutorial on animations,
-"Sea Clouds", a little fly over the clouds...

Both are there : http://www.nicolas-hoffmann.net/source/animations.php

See you  ;)
Still in love with Terragen animations : http://www.youtube.com/user/Nico3333fr :)


Both of those are pretty cool.  8)

Given the artificial nature of the cloudscape it might have been nice to have used the Isao Tomita electronic (Artificial), version of the Debussy piece but the real thing works fine.
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Hi Nico ! I forgot to comment on the second one over at TGD Base... so thought I'd do so here!....excellent work!


I don't know if it's a GI problem or just caused by video compression but there appears to be 2 flickering issues with sea clouds. One is at about 15 seconds, left side of the screen top half, looks like the clouds are made of jumping pixels. Also in the bottom right. The wall of the hole in the clouds flashes different colours. At 20 seconds there is a small peak just above and to the left of the centre directly below the sun that appears as jumping pixels. At 30 as the large hole passes to the right, the far wall is full of jumping pixels and at 31 to 36 the hole on the far right has the discolouration problem from before. Then at 40 the entire visible wall of the gap to the left is flashing.
Oh and something I just noticed as I'm typing, at 46 seconds there is a large basin to the right, on the left side of it a piece of cloud simply appears. It happens again at 1:11, bottom of the screen just left of the centre. Someone just posted similar problems with terrain and the painted shader in animations.

Great work by the way. Loved the tutorial one especially.
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All> thanks !

PG> yes, it is a GI issue, the encoding hides it a little, but uncompressed, it is very visible ! I guess I had to be careful next time ! ;)
Still in love with Terragen animations : http://www.youtube.com/user/Nico3333fr :)