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Started by FrankB, March 04, 2009, 04:20:57 am

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CryEngine 3:

GDC 09: CEO Interview Part 1 HD
GDC 09: CEO Interview Part 2 HD

I didn't see anyone post this.
Anyway. I really like that forest part.

- Terje

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The Lifesis TOD's been released. Looks freaking amazing, but you can't just slap it on top of an existing map. Well you can but it might look awful. Maps are built around the environment rather than the other way around, so you'll have to build a new map or do some SERIOUS tweaking
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I hope I'm not taking this to far from topic but in a way it's art that has been revisited. Any one who has played Far Cry and specifically the Fort and Pier levels should download and play the updated version in Crysis. This guy did an amazing job which really shows the beauty of the Crytek engine.

Now to get back on track here is a small map that was made in 2007 just for exploring and showing the beauty the engine can produce.   I wonder if Seth uses a slightly different spelling in other forums...



that's not me, and the guy did something real good looking !
btw, I did not play Crysis (don't like it) but only tested the engine box


Hi folks,

For those who are not aware  - another tech demo of the cryengine 3 the  has been released.

Although the vid is a bit low quality its still very nice^^



Seems fake, it's not well presented at all, they're even using keyboard and mouse controls instead of camera paths, and no cryengine or crytek logo. That and it looks completely identical to CE2.
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