Where can I find the new plants?

Started by AndyWelder, April 02, 2009, 03:05:55 am

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Darn.  I left my $699 at home in my other wallet.  Shucks.
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


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not to mention this includes tg2 anim in the price... what about us prepurchasers who don't need another tg key and just want models?

and i think they completly ignored the fact that we as a community would want small groups of plants at good price....

not huge libraries that are expensive... sure the cost per plant might be great... but... im a college student... i barely scrounged up money for tg2...


Not exactly the plan I would have gone with personally.  $700, in the middle of a global recession, valid only until May 30th at which time I would guess the price increases along with the TG2 price.  I can't see this doing all that well if it is targeted at the mostly hobbyist demographic that uses Terragen.


It's still earth day, maybe there is coming more...


we can hope... that pricing is a tad out of hobbiest range, and also needs details for us prepurchasers in what the costs would be.

and cant we at least get a few free models?  maybe sampler pack of a few of each package for a much less price vs the bigger price for every single one.


Should be noted that this is ALL Xfrog's plants in one package. Surely they will also sell them in the separate libraries that already exist?

More to the point, there seems an unfortunate lack of coordination going on, since this announcement points to the old Planetside site, with no mention of the gold release.


well xfrog's website isn't really the best and most together thing ive seen either... quite a few broken links it seems...



i am able to load the page, its the new design getting moved....  constantly asked for pw though for images and such i believe, but the text layout loads.

only announcement seems to be the one we already discovered for the 699...


For $699.00 I would expect to landscape my backyard with heirloom roses and imported rare perennials.
What happened to the $150.00 packages?  Can't we get a reduced price on a few of those?

This is a bit much to say the least!  This roll out has been very bumpy and this seems to top that cake!
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Quote from: XFrog Press ReleaseTerragen 2 with XfrogPlants Contains:

    * Terragen 2 with Animation and 5 render node licensing.
    * 1,300 XfrogPlants in Terragen 2 format (ALL 22 XfrogPlants libraries below!)
    * http://www.xfrogdownloads.com/greenwebNew/products/productStart.htm
    * Tutorial videos for Terragen 2 with XfrogPlants
    * Hi-resolution renderings of all 1,300 XfrogPlants in TIFF format, for compositing and billboard use

More information about Terragen 2 with XfrogPlants, including a full feature list, is available inside the Planetside website

Pricing Details:

Terragen 2 with XfrogPlants is available for immediate purchase for $699 at www.xfrog.com

Terragen 2 is available without XfrogPlants for $299 including animation, and $199 without animation, at www.planetside.co.uk.

Prices are valid now thru May 30, 2009.

Well at that price and only valid through till May 30 I really doubt they will make a single sale. Any studio would be able to make the conversions from their existing XFrog resources so would have no need to buy a bunch of stuff they already have and few hobbyists will want to stretch to $700. Sure its a good deal with the plants coming in at only $0.30 each but only by shelling out for the entire collection.

Also I note that the Upgrade offer is a little unfair (as usual)
As a user of Terragen 2 since its first demo feature release my discount is less than someone who decides to give terragen a go for the first time now.
Quote from: XFrog press release
Terragen 2 Upgrade Offer:

Existing Terragen 2 customers are entitled to a credit coupon towards Terragen 2 with XfrogPlants
equivalent to their original purchase price. Please contact registrations@planetside.co.uk for complete information.

It'd be nice if someone from planetside would chime in here.

Personally I don't see anything here for loyal Terragen users (why would there be, this is XFrog's anouncement). I already own all the terragens I need (1 plus 5 render nodes) and I have no desire to shell out $400 (I "think" thats how much it'll be with the owners discount) for a stack of models most of which I'll never use.



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" That's right you dedicated T 2 people,   only $400.00 act now, limited time offer.  "

Appears Buzzzzzz was correct all along.  I am amazed this passed the Planetside sniff test.
Something this pricey could have been presented a little better!
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Well, it's nice for earth day, and it's nice for production companies, but it's not nice for us...

€699 is more than I earn per month. But as I already have deep+animation it would 'only' be 400. But as I only earn so much and have to spend it on living as well, it isn't a proposition for the hobbyist.

I sincerely hope there's more to come in the free price range (if you can even properly call that a price range...). And a month and 8 days isn't a lot of time to come up with such a mounts of money anyways, at least, not for us.

On the other hand (and I just thought of this), this means that the price per package is only $18. which is more reasonable pricing, IF the packages were available on their own.


how xfrog can get my money:

compile all the plants together at a large price

create a deal with tg2 users released only in tgo format or something like that, and offer it as digital downloads like turbo squid... only not at $30 per... more like $1-5.

anything over that as a hobbiest/student i cant justify.  hell i'd even pay like a $20 limited time activation offer to access the deal, and then be able to pay/download them for $1-5 as I please/need.

at $30/species i can't justify downloding them one by one, and at what is basically 400 dollars i cant justify buying them together, and at even 150/for 20 i cant.