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Started by RArcher, April 27, 2009, 10:58:27 am

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I think Hetzen has explained pretty clearly why multi-object populations would be so useful. It seems like such an obvious thing to add and it seems to appear on quite a few peoples most wanted feature list, along 64bit support. Of course just being able to add multiple objects to one population is just the initial step being able to accomplish the other stuff Hetzen mentioned such as colour variation, specifying odds on when a specific object would appear and clumping would really be a massive upgrade to the populator and make more realistic populations a lot easier to make.

Hetzen when you say

Quote from: Hetzen on July 23, 2010, 04:36:03 pm
Just to add Jo, being able to create modulised 'eco systems' or 'species systems' I'd think would be a great after sales revenue.

I hope you're not suggesting breaking up future versions of Terragen into parts and then sell them individually. You would end up with a fragmented product similar to how vue has ended up. With Vue you could purchase one of the many core packages and then later buy a few modules. The problem is that when a new version is released, and with vue that seems to happen every few months, you not only have to buy the core package but re-purchase the new version of all the modules as well. It all ends up very messy. I think it works better just having 2 or 3 core packages, i.e. lite, deep and deep+animation and then allowing the user to update from one level to another at a later date if they wanted.

So Jo do you think multi-object populations are likely to appear in Terragen 2 any time soon?


Hi Reck, sorry I wasn't suggesting spliting TG up into modules, I was thinking more along the lines of creating bundles of plant models which have already been plugged into a node clip file. Something Greenworks would excell at.

Take a possible bundle 'Pine Forest', which may have say 8 variations of a pine model, then maybe some floor debirs along with some bracken ferns and maybe even some dead trees too. All you need do is apply a mask and plug your compute terrain in.


Hetzen, I think that sounds great.


Seriously Reck I'd pay for that. The cost of my time to get that right against a pre package.. I'm struggling to compete against Vue, V-Ray Scatter. I know this app can compete, it's a matter of open architecture against establshed out of the box.



Quote from: reck on July 24, 2010, 10:01:34 am
So Jo do you think multi-object populations are likely to appear in Terragen 2 any time soon?

We don't have it scheduled at the moment. We'll need to talk it over.





Regarding 64 bit, because it's such a common request I thought I would mention that it is on the way. We have a 64 bit Mac build that alpha testers have been using for a while and a pre-alpha Windows build. However it will be some time before the 64 bit build is available. We want to make sure it's thoroughly tested before a public release, although we may very well have a public beta period for it prior to the final release.




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These are my five:

1. All shader internal parameters able to take spherically mapped image maps/masks as inputs.
2. The arrow move keystrokes should move the current camera relative to its current orientation, not according the the absolute coordinate system.
3. Complete documentation.
4. All input fields use temporary edit buffers so that each*keystroke*does*not*cause*the*progressively*edited*field*to*be*accepted*as*a*new*value.
5. Can rotate/shift all mappable images/masks.
6. Can lock navigation controls relative to a planet. When this happens, the forward command brings about "horizontal" motion when altitude relative to the planet is constant.


1- Export Perfect Cube Map textures Button - [option] multiple files or single image

2- Render Spherical Map LDR

3- Render Spherical Map HDRI

4- Export current terrain with Xmeters Ymeters, distance from current camera location as mesh

5- Export current terrain with Xmeters Ymeters, distance from current camera location as vector displacement map at XY pixel resolution.


Perhaps motion blur not linked to camera movement would be interesting, if at all possible.
During my holidays I got this great idea (and no computer to test it) to make an avalanche (and blur grass/trees, etc) by making 2 frames where the second frame had a different set of values (smaller/less stones, or an eroded version of the same basic terrain). Rendering the first with motion blur checked would (so I thought) calculate a motion between the two frames' values, and render this.
Nope, didn't work. If it would, there would be masses of things you could use it for, like the soft transparent water in long exposure photographs, wind blurred fields of soft grass, pieces of ice falling of glaciers..................


I just had an idea...

if you get time,
how about a button to
remove all unconnected/unused  nodes
Hmmm... wonder what this button does....


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