Walli's "Wild Grass (Fresh) Pack 1" is now available @ NWDA

Started by FrankB, May 19, 2009, 05:51:56 pm

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it's a known secret ;) that a few weeks ago, Walli locked himself into his mysterious Xfrog dungeon lab and started working on his first series of plant packs to be offered through NWDA. In the past weeks, you have seen a few beta version renders of Walli's grasses.
Now the first of three great grass packs is available here!


See a more detailed description of the pack contents at http://nwda.webnode.com/products/wild-grass-fresh-pack-1-by-walli1/
I only say: 8 nicely tuned TGO's, plus two little and cute bonus groundcover plants. Walli decided to give this huge pack a pretty promotional price, so check this out! :)

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Got it! Looks great!  Going to plant some now, got a perfect spot for it.
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Just going through the incubation process now, will expand the little package and plant... Thanks ;D
I just need to tweak that texture a bit more...


These are some of the best grass model i've seen in Terragen and Walli's a fantastic modeller. NWDA is becoming a great site with the tech packs, objects and tech articles available. It also seems Franks "recruited" some of the best guys around to provide stuff for the site so everything is of the highest quality.

Certainly going to order this grass and i'm also going to buy TU Canyon & Rock Surface Pack at the same time.

Great job guys.


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