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Started by FrankB, May 23, 2009, 05:13:04 pm

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It's not, it's just a little bump to share some more, so we can all enjoy a little more of the TG2 universe..!


Knowing Frank a little bit, I don't think it is... otherwise, he would have PM the guy...


Roger.  Just know I fit the "Modus Operandi" from the thread's beginning and don't share the same sympathies about rendering and showing renders all the time. 

Anyway, never mind.  No feelings hurt...
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


stay relaxed, everyone  :)
It's just talking. No hidden purposes or anything.



Holding my hand up. Guilty as charged.
I've actually been doing a lot of Terragen 0.9 work lately (shame on me, I know).
Ok, better start walking the walk again.

I hope I realise I don't exist before I apparently die.


Hi Frank....good idea!...
I have many other things going on recently for me...though I have a couple (as always) on the back burner, I will tinker here and there when I get the time....I am full of good intentions!!!!....and will see if I can knock one out this week, perhaps!


The way the quality of posted renders has been going up here lately, I don't think I'll ever post anything again...

No seriously, I think the two major issues have already been stated: Performance (renders are taking a long time on older hardware) and personal issues - some people tinker with their work until eventually they get tired of it, but before they are satisfied enough with it to be prepared to share it. It's much easier to share a quick thought than to produce an image you are willing to share with the whole world :)

And finally, some people are more active in other communities and post their work there.


Quote from: otakar on May 26, 2009, 05:49:10 pm
The way the quality of posted renders has been going up here lately, I don't think I'll ever post anything again...



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 :(     Agreed.  But I understand the mind set.  As people here get better and better, this can be an intimidating place.
The perception will be that everyone that posts, (EDIT THAT): The perception will be that the regular posters, are all
like Luc Bianco's.  That's not true I realize.   -  But it could be perceived as such.

     I have only posted a few renders here and I am quite open about why.   -  " Bill Reid: Terragen hack! "
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No. This would only be true *if* renders would be critized harshly, or belittled if they are less than perfect. This is *not* an observation I have made on these very friendly forums!
What I see is that newcomers are always welcomed and helped get to know TG2 better. I don't recall a single exception to that. I totally disagree.

It would be a shame and a waste not to show render even when they are not perfect or finished. Think about it: the best renders have not just been posted. The best renders have been posted in an early stage of development, then improved gradually over mutliple iterations, taking into account the helpful feedback that has been provided.
So don't refrain from posting images. Don't be _afraid_ of feedback and comments. Instead, actively seek out feedback and comments and regard them as a friendly help.
Believe me, it just becomes much more enjoyable by doing so.



I agree that the forum isn't a critical place, but for people who've only been here maybe a week and have just looked for help with a particular thing will have looked at the stunning renders and then looked at theirs and cried. Obviously you can't be an expert with Terragen on your first render but there's always that anticipation with something new, particularly if you see someone else who is completely amazing at that thing, you want to be amazing too. Of course you fail the first time and it's a knock down.

That's not a new thing, I've been here for 3 years or so and I still don't like putting my stuff on here because, as a man, it may bruise my macho ego and therefore somehow negatively reflect my dominance and the size of my winky......ahem..

Maybe we need to look at a solution to the rendering problem though, it is a BIG problem for a LOT of people. I mean, I can't leave my pc on at night because it keeps the missus up (even when I moved it downstairs). We've looked at community render farms a couple of times, I even started developing a BOINC project for it but lack of interest halted that. So perhaps we should have a discussion on how to improve the situation instead.
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I agree with the last two posts. I think exposing oneself to criticism is never easy or comfortable, especially if one isn't too sure about the quality of one's own work (always bearing in mind and comparing to the top notch artists in the forums here). However, and I know that from experience, exposing yourself to criticism is what helps you on your way to a better quality. If you never show your work, you will never get a feedback. And if the feedback comes from people who know what they're talking about, that's even better, innit? So benefit, people, benefit.
I know the situation from my professional life just too well. I'm doing a teacher training and have to get a lot of feedback from fellow trainees and instructors/tutors. It's always uncomfortable to have people sitting at the back of the classroom who watch your every move, but it really helps me improve.
That saying, I promise to show some of my work as soon as I have updated my comp system. Even though I know that it's far from perfect...I'll do it because I want to improve. Just the way I did in other forums with TG0.9.
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I agree with Frank.  This is a nice forum.

@PG - I agree about wanting a faster way to render.  Maybe 64-bit will help.  I'm looking into purchasing what is needed for a small render farm.  Other things that would help this situation you have mentioned would be to have a beginner's place where all of the wikis and tutorials and documentation could be a center of a hungry beginner's life.  Oh.  We already have that - http://www.planetside.co.uk/wiki/index.php/Main_Page   ;D
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


... and not to be mis-understood.  I love it here, and have learned a lot from really great people.
I am just not that good, but I will never stop trying!  There ya go Seth. " I am a proud Terragen abuser!  :o "
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My opinion on the matter:

Well, I don't post alot, I have a few comments here and there, and judging by the number of renders I've posted here, about 5 images.  Fact is, I have a tiered outlook...

I post anything and everything I render over at the website formerly known as Ashundar, terragen.org.  it was where I hid before this forum was known to me, and I feel comfortable there.

Then, if my work entries the stage where I feel it can be improved and reach a higher level of quality, I post it here for feedback.  Everyone has great ideas and suggestions, but some of my uh... less realistic or more sketchy images won't be getting another render.  Everyone knows my machine is abysmal for rendering, so that first pass is the last. 

As much as we're a friendly community, and I fully believe this, we're also a community with a higher stanrdard.  I'm sure it wasn't setup this way on purpose, but the better the collective renders get, the more folks will feel there render can't stack up and won't post it.  This only makes the situation worse.  This could intimidate newer members.

Lastly, I like the Ashundar gallery because the max size is alot larger.  As such, my higher quality .pngs end up there, and sometimes I just don't want to compress it down, if the image isn't that fantastic to begin with.

Just my 2 cents on the matter.  I do love this place, and refuse to go away ;)