One step into Gloucestershire - My Final Entry into the NWDA competition

Started by Hetzen, June 06, 2009, 07:08:52 pm

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Final release at 500k.

I decided to dump the cottage, the image didn't need it as others have rightly said, and it would have taken a few days getting that corner of the field to look like the building should be there, maybe my next project.

Thanks to everyone who've commented, it's been helpfull and motivational to get it finished. Good luck in the competition too, there's some cracking stuff been posted.





Jaw Droppingly Wow... :o Love the nettles touch... ouch. Good luck.
I just need to tweak that texture a bit more...


Wow the increased light in the foreground added even more realism to this masterpiece.


nope looks horrible you shouldn't submit that....

/sigh... i cant lie its beautiful and perfect... there went the competition.


hmmmm  :-\ imo the last one is too bright, the fields of wheat lack nice contrasts and so does the foreground.
The sense of intense sunshine is very good on the contrary, but no...the previous one really had it for me  :)


agree with T-U. the precedent one was far better to my eyes...

Henry Blewer

I think it's only the low plants in the foreground. I have a mediocre monitor, but they appear to have too much white. I would post=process the image, adjusting the contrast.
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some of the colors felt better in the earlier version but the earlier one was a little too dark... perhaps a inbetween.


Superb and enormous work!
With regard to contrast, the luminosity it is a question of personal taste. What east is to be retained it is the quantity of work carried out! I have true weak for foam on the stones of the wall it is superb!


Quote from: Seth on July 14, 2009, 05:52:46 pm
agree with T-U. the precedent one was far better to my eyes...

Imho I also have to say that it's a bit bright. Anyway, I'll have to consider that I sit in front of a really crappy laptop monitor with very littly contrast and saturation. Apart from this, the image is perfect :)
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I think contrast is something you can add really easily, but once added is really difficult to take away. I suppose a couple of notches wouldn't hurt. What I did want to do, was remove some of the 'sharpness' and 'RGBness' that you'll find in a lot of CG work, so the softness is deliberate.

Oh well.


I think it needed to be brighter than the previous version, so perhaps it just needs to be somewhere in between?

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This has progressed really well, and it's now a beautifully balanced English countryside scene. I wouldn't tinker with this any more; sure, someone's always gonna say this should be that, and that should maybe be a bit more like this. You could be forever tinkering to please the pallets of others. If in your own mind it's as good as it's gonna get, then make it a wrap.
But, you see that bit of hedgerow in the middle where you've got . . . . .  ;D

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