Vue 3D Environment Competition 2009

Started by Tangled-Universe, August 06, 2009, 05:02:15 pm

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Good choice, Njeneb, good choice. :)

I never got off the ground much with Vue, either. It just doesn't make as much sense as TG, it isn't 'real' enough, you know? Everything is too 'CG-3d', even when just using the UI.
That isn't really what I mean but, TG is just more 'organic' and pliable, it does 'real' perfectly. I can't explain this correctly.

The thing is, Vue and Carrara's UI's are practically identical and I can use Carrara like a dream, it's my next-in-line app, and it's a full 3D application to boot, just like Vue, modelling, landscape, vegetation, etc. everything in a oner. Vue is sluggish and glitchy compared to Carrara and TG. Unfortunately, TG has no modeller, I don't expect it ever will with the way the UI and the current renderer works.

My render workflow usually goes; TG>>Carrara/Poseray>>TG>>Photoshop>>Finished.
Vue doesn't figure and I won't get any more of their updates, I still only own V.6.0.


Agree about the grass one. It's the only one getting close to TG2. I am really surprised at these images, considering how many people use Vue. If you went through the gallery here and chose the best landscape work there would simply be no competition. Vue would pale in comparison. Vue is good in some areas like vegetation but I rarely see any renders that have a feeling or atmosphere that you will see with many TG2 renders.

I would say that even although Vue appears to be getting better, the actual work being done in TG2 is better.


It's the atmospheres. No good atmospheres in those images but is this the fault of Vue or the artists?. You can get good atmospheres in Blender. I think it is largely the artists and that is why the Martin J. Birk is good. He knows about these things more than the other artists.

Henry Blewer

The contacts I have on Flickr don't seem to know how the program works. I am just getting a feel for what T2 is capable of. I keep trying to push; learn a new function, make power fractals do more. I just discovered the warp shader...
I think many Vue users just add elements to their landscapes with out making decisions of what the landscape should be first.
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My findings are that landscapes have such subtle details that it takes a long time to work out how to get it right no matter what app you use or even if you are just painting landscapes.

Henry Blewer

I agree. When I get the full version, I want to have 'planned' my landscapes. Currently, with the 3 object limit, I does not work well. But using just procedurals, planning makes things come together better.
Forget Tuesday; It's just Monday spelled with a T