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Started by jrpmedia, August 14, 2009, 11:39:25 am

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Can someone point me to the XGrid kit for TG v2?
is there one like there is for TG v1?

Thank you,



There isn't one, I'm afraid. TG2 doesn't work with Xgrid unless you can set up Kerberos/Single Sign On. The problem is that TG2 needs a connection to the OS window server to run, and Xgrid runs jobs under a "nobody" user with limited permissions which doesn't allow connections to the window server. If you are able to set up Kerberos/Single Sign On then you could run TG2 via Xgrid in a normal user account, but I personally haven't been able to do that yet.

At some stage we are looking to make a "headless" render node version of TG2 and that should work with Xgrid. For now there are other batch processing/render queue systems which do work with TG2, although which ones they are escapes me right now I'm afraid! I think Condor was one, but I know there are others.

TG Mac v0.9 only works with the prerelease version of Xgrid and not the version which was eventually released as part of OS X 10.4 or whichever it was.




Well, enormous sadness, there goes my Star Trek 2 remake of the Genesis Planet :-(
How do we do massive animations in TG2 then? or are we stuck with just one machine (or just 5) ?


As Jo said, you can use other solutions like Condor (and maybe Dr.Q) that do similar things to Xgrid. When I've done animations, I've usually just broken up the frames between different computers manually.
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