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Started by TheBlackHole, September 22, 2009, 03:57:57 PM

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Henry Blewer

I used to program in assembler. Loved it. I hate C. I've tried Visual Basic; a friend of mine is an IT wizard at an insurance company, he recommended it. Python is neat, but I rarely use it. Rexx was very nice, do not know what happened to it. Used Modula 2, but found myself writing most of the 'need for speed' routines in assembler.
Anyway, Terragen 2 is sort of like programming. There is a flow which you develop when you work with it. Lately I have been trying to find the right combination of render settings to use on my old computer. I think I have that figured out now.
What I often do with T2 is pick a new shader or a function, and see what it does. When I think I understand it, I include it with other stuff I normally use. Of course, when I think I have figured out something Oshyan, Jo, or Matt post something which makes my assumptions completely wrong.... ::) 8)
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