Stone Age settlement

Started by Dune, January 17, 2010, 04:18:42 am

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Very cool!  Now you just need a good auroch model ..  :P


A nice flyover and this could be the beginning to some wildlife documentary or another Tomb Raider movie.   :P
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


Yes, I really have to consider ugrading to the animation version.


I finalized this commission and considered it a good idea to share it. A 5200x3250 render at 0.5 and 4 took only 4 hours, which is incredibly faster than with previous builds, where I sometimes had it rendering 48 hours. Very satisfied. It's by the way not Stone Age but Iron Age, but who cares for a couple of years.
All structures and animals where modeled, I only painted some people, smoke and did some fresh straw on the roof. The bird (Gavia stellata) I painted in PS. Enjoy.



And detail 2


Fantastic work Ulco! Very convincing and nice details :)
I especially like the first one. The farming lands with those crops look very good.
Like the cane near the water, are they models too?


Incredible, and very impressive. Great sense of scale there.

Kevin F

Possibly the best image I've seen produced in TG.

Henry Blewer

Ulco, these are really fantastic! I downloaded them, they are soooo great. Thanks for sharing these!
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Very nice images , Dune . Your painting skill shows it :)


Thanks guys  ;D

@Martin: yes, the reeds are a model; a bunch of reed stems actually.

Here's some more details.

Henry Blewer

The guys at Planetside should have these on their brochure's and on the site.

You have really upped the ante on what can be called awesome!
Forget Tuesday; It's just Monday spelled with a T


Dune just curious ;do you use one big image map- texture or many small and-or big maps ?
How big are your maps in general ?


astonishing details...I love this!


@Kadri: the ground cover is regulated by 5 maps (reeds, grass, some more bushy areas, the peaty area where the cows are, and sand). The latter needs to be the most precise to get the little trodden paths, so is 8000x8000px greyscale TIF. The others I reduced to 50% or 25%. In total I had 14 maps, the rest for the different trees and shrub, and the water. The water was an overall mask, reduced, for the distant river, and a cropped, but larger one for the closer pools and streams (it takes some calculating where to put them, so they overlap ok). Also 4 painted shaders to get the mud and the reeds in the front pool, and the cows and sheep in there respective places. The buildings were single objects, just put in place. Most maps where around 14-20MB, some 50MB.
I had TG crash on the first try to get the 5200x3250px image rendered, but lowered the cache, and that worked. 2.86GB used.

It would be good to have a way to reduce the mask size, and still keep the black-white(-grey) a precise as needed (bitmaps are not accepted, alas). It is of course possible to crop the masks, as large areas are black, but that takes more calculating to fit them in.