some improvement in the UI workflow

Started by smoluck, February 21, 2007, 08:26:49 AM

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I think I'm not the only one who want some improvement on the TG2 ui.

_Why there is no undo features ? ( maya got an hypershade / hypergraph with node like system, and can do undo action, why not for TG2 )

_Maybe it could be use full to get 2 Viewport side by side. 1 for the current setup of the scene and another to see the last viewport preview render to compare after and before a change action. As if I put this color instead of another or a function connected to an imput instead of another function ...etc Just it Ctrl+z to switch betwenne after / before the last change. when you do an action the viewport need to be upated , and iy's hard to know what the difference between before and after.

_I got at work a dual screen system, and I would like to be able to move and or resize the different panel ( window) in my dual screen resolution workspace. does we can get a dragable (floating, moveable) window for the preview viewport.


There is currently no undo because this version is a Technology Preview, far from a final release. Undo will be available in the completed product. The rest of your feature requests are already on our list for the most part as well. You will see significant enhancements in the UI and overall application by the time of the final commercial release.

- Oshyan