Author Topic: Experiment: Using Surface layer shader as blender shader in a terrain node array  (Read 3563 times)

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Ok, so bouncing off of what bigben presented on this thread:

I set about twiddling with mask generation in the terrain array.  I followed the overview "04. In-Depth: Terrain and Water", and voila!  Doh!  Many questions answered.  But anyway .. I generated a terrain following these steps:

After that, I set about playing with parameters (tweaking noises, et. al.) until I got the first image.

Then I added a Surface shader and fed the output into the Large Terrain node, and fed another output from the Mountains node into the Surface shader node.  I messed around with a bunch of stuff and managed to smooth out the mountain ridges, getting the second attached image.  I have no idea what ultimately worked, have to go back in and figure out what I did. 

What I want to do next is figure out how to mask out larger swaths of terrain for smoothing, to get rid of some extraneous mountain ridges, or tone them down more.  Then I may resort to an external image mask for carving out continent coastlines and sea beds, not sure if I can wrest a mask for that out of a procedural yet.  Then it's off to water and atmo and clouds, oh my!

I've tacked a snapshot of the Terrain array I used, showing the placement of the Surface layer shader.


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