How to animate a 360 degree orbit around a mountain?

Started by disneytoy, April 01, 2010, 04:48:00 pm

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Having some trouble getting this set up. I want the camera to orbit 360 degrees with the point of interest at the mountain. I want the animation to be able to loop when I'm done.

Can anyone advise how to set up the Keyframes? If the start and stop are the same camera position, What camera parameter has to be keyframed?

I'm a bit confused.

I can do this easily, in After effects with a null object, as well as in 3Ds Max.




TG works with free cams only, ie no point of interest, only rotation. Best bet is to sim the cam move in max, then link and bake a free cam, then export that into TG. I'm keen to see your results. It's an interesting subject for me.


Hetzen's advice is good for now. You'll need to export to Nuke .CHAN format. Look-at functionality for camera animation is a good future addition.

- Oshyan