Mousing in Preview Window

Started by peter1, December 22, 2006, 09:18:02 AM

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Does anyone agree with me that the zoom action in the Preview window is the wrong way round?

I push the mouse forward while holding down the middle mouse button and expect to zoom forward into the scene, instead it zooms out.



It works in more of a left - right motion.


I don't really like the preview window period. I keep mine paused most of the time. I liked it in the old Terragen where you could use the mouse and the arrows to move the camera, it was a lot easier to pick a nice pov.


I thought the controls were highly intuitive, mainly because the viewport controls in TG2 brings it into line with most of the major 3D applications out there as far as viewport manipulation goes. The current controls allows me to get the best view faster than any keyboard methods.

But I guess each to their own :)


I agree that it can be a little difficult at times, but I do feel as though it's the only viable option.  You can't really have a look-down system like you had in TG 0.9, and due to TG2's extensive use of displacements, you can't have a more static 3D preview window like you did in TG 0.9. - A great Terragen resource with models, contests, galleries, and forums.


only thing I miss is the "fit view on selected item", this would "fit" the camera to the object, so tumbling would go around selection


We will definitely be making adjustments and additions to the camera controls and 3D preview over time. The final release of Terragen 2 should allow much more intuitive control of the camera as well as objects and other scene elements.

- Oshyan