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Started by bla bla 2, April 04, 2010, 01:45:21 pm

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Bonjour, j'ai téléchargé xfrog 3.5. J'arrive à importer des plantes dans xfrog et à exporter en format obj, puis, je l'importe sous terragen 2 et là il y a un message d'erreur qui apparaît :

et l'objet est en noir.... J'ai oublié quelque chose ?

Hello, I have uploaded xfrog 3.5. I can import plants in xfrog and export them in .obj. Then I import my .obj file in terragen 2 but an error message appears. And the object is black. Do I have forgotten something ?


For imported obj's to work in teragen make sure all the following are true:

Use Poseray to re-convert the exported obj to a fully compatible with terragen version.
Make sure all your images in the same folder. (not strictly necessary)
Make sure the .obj and the .mtl file in the same folder (as above). (not strictly necessary)

Once you have imported the object into terragen you will need to manually apply the "opacity" images
All will work as it should now :)


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And (perhaps still true) make sure your map and file names are without empty spaces (so 'object_12_XFrog.obj' instead of 'object 12 Xfrog.obj'). Same with the whole path (folder_name).



As Dune says, I think this is down to spaces in the file path for the MTL file.

The good news, although this doesn't help you know, is that this is improved for the next release. I'd say it was "fixed" but it wasn't really a bug.



bla bla 2

Je vais voir ça ce week end et dire des nouvelles.

Thank you.