Terragen2 terrains to Torque X Builder

Started by prasad5787, April 27, 2010, 05:57:02 am

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Hi all,

I found in forums that .ter from terragen can be used in torque on converting in to .png files later on.
But, I looking forward to export from T2Deep version terrains to Torque game builder.
Any Ideas on how and what types of files can be converted to use in Torque??

Many thanks in advance guys..



You can convert heightfield terrains to .TER. If you are using a Heightfield Generate to create your terrain, simply Generate your terrain then Right-Click on the Heightfield Node and choose Save As. You can then save a .TER. If you are using procedurals, you can convert into a heightfield by feeding your procedural terrain network into the Shader input of a Heightfield Generate, then Generate and right-click, Save As, same as above. You can adjust the area and resolution of the heightfield with the size controls in the Heightfield Generate.

- Oshyan


Is there nothing this baby can't do? Thats interesting stuf Oshyan - thanks