UK General Elections 2010. Which way did you vote.

Started by cyphyr, May 06, 2010, 11:10:41 am

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The live TV debates etc generally revolve round what is known as Hegelian Dialectic.

One reason why it is difficult to get people to see what the real issues are. They are presented with sides of an argument while the real argument remains undiscussed.


If you want to see how bad TV is then don't watch it for six months. Go on every so called "conspiracy" site etc. Read books. Investigate everything properly then return to TV. You will think you just stepped into Stalinist Russia or some such like. Radio is even worse. BBC Radio 4 is total propaganda.

In the US, the mainstream media looks as bad or worse as it is in many other places but they have alternatives. TV and radio in the UK is completely controlled by the government.

They also have alternative money in the US and guns so although the US government is now completely corrupt it is the place where the revolution will come from.

Any country where the population are not allowed arms, property, alternative currencies and free speech is a tyranny. This is why the US was the only free country. It was never perfect but the model was there.


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The real money and the debt token. They have now even made it look similar to fool you debt slaves:

The "sovereign" is still the real money of Great Britain. The £ coin is an IOU debt token. You can not pay a debt with a debt. A debt still exists. The sovereign is worth about £200 (for rough arguments sake). The £ of sterling (silver) was worth a sovereign in gold. Where did the other £199 of value go? It was stolen by the banks who now operate in bankruptcy. This is why they give you an IOU note or coin or digit on a computer. Anyone who says the banks are "too big to fail" is a fascist.


You could explain the current financial scam to a five year but not to an adult because they are generally brainwashed to cabbage state.

Also, since when was it morally fine to be constantly in debt? This is the root of the problem.


What have morals got to do with debt? Next you're gonna say the government is conspiring to push us all into so much debt that we have to kill each other just to survive the wrath of the Baliff's.
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I'm just trying to open up some thinking about current dire situation and why it exists. I'd rather be posting pictures.

Debt is bad. I am not religious (actually an atheist) but why does Islamic law not allow usury (interest). Notice how we are constantly at war with these countries. None of which has had any clear justification. It used to be a Christian ideal that debt was bad until people forgot about it. Why did Jesus cast out the money changers?

Western civilization has become morally bankrupt as well as financially.

A debt based monetary system can not survive. The problem is that people are in denial about it. This is why I talk about the US system. It is not meant to be a debt based monetary system. It is now though.


they are against eating pork too...
no logic in religion.


Good logic in not eating pork in hot areas where islam/judaic religions came from bad logic in your comment and
the money changers thing was not about debt but people making money out of religion.He have a laff in USA now.


come on, it is 2010, even in hot area, there are refrigerator. no logic in religion, only blind faith


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They were logic in the time they appeared , if you know what i mean !