3ds files for TG 2 ???

Started by kasalin, May 07, 2010, 06:15:06 pm

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Can I use somehow 3ds models for TG 2 or other files with strange ending ???



As far as object import is concerned, if you have .3ds files you need to convert them to either .lwo or .obj. If i remember correctly these can be converted with poseray..or if you are familiar with, and have access to, other 3d modelling software (3ds max, wingz, blender etc.), you can use those to convert.

A quick search of the forum for terrain import will provide other import options and techniques.

Hope this helps...



Yep Poseray is basically the one stop object convert/fixer for TG2.  Supports obj, 3ds, lwo, dxf, raw, inc, pov, wrl, and gz.

Only exports obj from what I know, but thats what you want for TG2, so all is good! :P


Hi again,

now I installed PoseRay for creating and exporting my models..... cool programme .... thanks to "neuspadrin" for this wonderful link !!

I exported .3ds files into .obj files... with success and loaded it into Terragen 2.... success !!!!



red_planet actually mentioned it first ;)

pretty much everyone that uses tg2 could help with that one as most of us do have poseray and use it often with objects.

such a nifty little program for tg2.  Helps fix a lot of .obj's that terragen won't load correctly.  The way it formats its output is how terragen likes it basically.  (Which if you read the obj file format spec, its a mess :P you can put things in so many spots its a lil crazy)