Caribbean...finally done!

Started by Hannes, May 17, 2010, 02:48:32 pm

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Sure. I'll have to take a break because I'll be on vacation for two weeks, but when the scene is finished I will be sharing my secrets  ;D


The last image before I'll fly to Greece. This one is rendered with the final quality settings. It took almost 9 hours to render in this resolution!
The whole animation is 900 frames long. That means a total render time of 75 days!!! What have I done? ??? Why didn't I choose a simple desert scene?
Anyway, see you in two weeks!

Henry Blewer
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Happy holidays. The wake of the ship is awesome. Now all you need are a few dolphins sporting ahead of the ship, a couple of mermaids, some flying fish... ;)


Looks stunning! We'll see if we can't get that 9 hours down to something more reasonable when I get my hands on it. ;D

- Oshyan



You forgot "ba's on the slates, tea's oot"  ;)

(Colloquial Scottishisms for those wondering)


This sure is a potential winner, unless the unknown contributors hold out until the last minute. But if this wins the animation prize, it'll give Oshyan quite something to do! Great work, Hannes!



Kalimera alltogether!!
Back again from helping the greek solving their financial problems (by drinking as much greek wine and Mythos beer as I could!).
I had very much inspiration for my sea surface standing on a big ferry boat and watching the white caps and the ship wake. This was really fascinating and frustrating at the same time because it's sooo complex.
Anyway right now I am trying to render a very low quality preview of the whole animation. It's going to take some time, because even at a resolution of 200X112 px with quick render settings each frame takes about 15 min to render.
BUT the deadline is July 15th! So there's a lot of time left.
Btw here is a photo I took from the wake. I love these structures!!

Zairyn Arsyn

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Awesome render Hannes, very realistic. very, very convincing.. ;D

you should sell it on NWDA CS :D :D
(the foam, that is)

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Some progress I made regarding translucency. I didn't know why I couldn't get a realistic looking translucency with shadows on the backlit faces. Everything was just equally brighter.
I checked the model in 3ds max and found out that the sails weren't just displaced planes without any thickness, but somehow solid. Like displaced boxes. So I tried to delete the "double faces" and reimported the model into TG.
Example (before/after):

Henry Blewer

The sails look great. Your whole project is looking marvelous.
Forget Tuesday; It's just Monday spelled with a T


Here is a (VERY LOW QUALITY!!!) preview for the whole animation. This was rendered BEFORE I fixed the translucency. I had to use frame blending again to reduce the flickering. Btw, the sun doesn't appear like the well known white cookie in better quality renders.