Making ocean surfaces

Started by aircraftprofiles, May 18, 2010, 01:03:55 pm

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Hoep i´m not spaming this forum too much ! Anyway, is there anyway to make a ocean surface ? With white foam on the top of large waves and all the waves going in the same direction ?


It is. My quickest answer would be to hit the SEARCH button, type in Ocean (and associated words), and find all the posts regarding this. But basically, if you increase the X or Z value of the seed of a Power fractal, you get stretched displacement. Attach a large, displaced, and stretched perlin PF to the water shader, and you'll have a basic ocean. If you attach another white PF (or this as a child to a non colored surface layer) between water and lake, blended by a distribution shader, you get basic 'foam' (in fact you should work on a set of PF's to get a nice pattern). Set the heights in the distribution shader. You could also use the favor heights in the surface layer. Many ways to go.

Good luck.