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This tutorial will cover some very basic topics of how to do things in Terragen 2 and get you started making your first scenes. The scene I created isn't quite the best as I concentrated more on teaching techniques instead of taking the much longer time necessary to slowly tweak and get everything exactly as I would like.

If you have any questions about the tutorial feel free to contact me on the forums (neuspadrin), or if you have any questions in general feel free to post about them I'm sure someone will be able to help you quite quickly.

The Tutorials[edit]

I suggest watching the tutorials with the high quality button on, it makes quite a bit of difference.

Part 1 - Intro and User Interface[edit]

This tutorial will cover some basics of Terragen and the community, and a little intro into the program and ends with learning how to maneuver around the UI. There is also now a tutorial on the support page for a first scene you can also look into.

Part 2 - Terrain[edit]

In this section we will cover some simple terrain generation and finding a nice camera spot to render from.

Part 3 - Shaders[edit]

This tutorial quickly shows off the abilities of shaders, showing a fraction of what they are capable of. Also some simple water object manipulation.

Part 4 - Atmosphere and Lighting[edit]

Goes over some simple aspects of the atmosphere and lighting in a scene.

Part 5 - Objects[edit]

Teaches how to insert objects, create populations, move them around, etc.

Part 6 - Finishing Touches[edit]

Puts some finishing touches on the scene with small tweaks to pretty much everything.


Full tutorial for offline (87mb)[edit]

Contains the video's (wmv), saved renders (jpgs), the final tgd file, and the pixel filters download is included inside also. You need 7zip to unpack the files, which can be downloaded here for free.

Tutorial Final TGD[edit]

This is the final tgd after creating the tutorial that I made. Feel free to dig around.

Pixel Filters[edit]

The pixel filters shown in various a scene, images thanks to Oshyan on a forum thread

Useful links[edit]

Render Settings Suggestions[edit]

Download TG2 and free models[edit]

Terragen 2 Support and Documenation[edit]

The node network, user documentation, a "Your first scene" pdf, and links to various ways to get help.[edit]

Site run by Oshyan(JavaJones) all about Terragen, has some nice model downloads available etc.

dandelO's Library[edit]

A library of useful clips thanks to dandelO.

NWDA Homepage[edit]

NWDA is a group of some of the top Terragen artists that offer some very nice tech packs and models for very reasonable prices. I highly recommend purchasing a pack or two that interests you and to learn from the node structure.[edit]

Website run by Klas, he has a very decent grass model a lot of us use in renders, along with some other files and such. Site is mainly in German, but enough English for others to get what they need.

A single element of an image which describes values for color and/or intensity, depending on the color system which the image uses. Groups of ordered pixels together form a raster image.