Camera - Blur Tab

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Camera - Blur Tab

The Blur tab of the Camera node has settings relating to motion blur and depth of field.

Motion blur and Depth of Field are only available in licensed versions of Terragen 4.

Terragen does not support object motion blur yet, only camera motion blur.


  • Motion blur length: This is the total length of time (in frames) during which the camera's shutter is open, affecting how much motion blur is visible when the camera is moving. If motion blur length is 0 there will be no motion blur, regardless of how fast the camera is moving. If motion blur length is 0.5 (the default) the shutter will be open for exactly half the amount of time that the camera moves between one frame and the next. This is the most popular choice. It produces motion blur similar to a 180-degree shutter in a film camera, or a shutter of 1/48 second in a 24 FPS video. If motion blur length is 1, the shutter will be open for the full duration of time that the camera moves between one frame and the next. This is not possible in a real camera, but if it were it would be equivalent to a 360-degree shutter, or a shutter of 1/24 second in a 24 FPS video. Other values can be chosen, even those outside the range 0 to 1, but it is very unusual to go outside this range in animations.
  • Shutter offset: Offsets the time (in frames) at which the motion blur shutter opens and closes. A shutter offset of 0 (the default) causes the shutter to open exactly on the frame number and close at frame + motion blur length. If, instead, you set shutter offset to -0.5 times the motion blur length (e.g. -0.25 shutter offset with the default motion blur length of 0.5), the motion blur will be centred on the current frame. Choosing the correct shutter offset may be important if Terragen renders need to be composited with tracked footage or output from other renderers.

Note for Terragen versions 2.5 to 4.4: To render motion blur in Terragen, motion blur must be enabled on the render node, not just the camera. However, turning off motion blur on the renderer is not quite the same as turning it off on the camera. Even with motion blur turned off on the renderer, it still uses the shutter window to calculate motion vectors (if output) and always renders an image that is centred in the shutter window so that the rendered image can be properly motion blurred in post. The image might not use the exact camera values for the frame. To ensure that it does, set motion blur length to 0 and shutter offset to 0. This behaviour has changed in v4.5 onwards. In v4.5+ you can simply turn off motion blur on the render node to get exact-frame values.

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