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Camera - Import Tab

The Import tab of the Camera node allows you to import Nuke or Houdini .chan files, Maya .mov files or FBX files to set camera params. It can import multiple frames from a file for animation.

The .chan field of view related params have hint text showing how they interpret the file data. For example if you check the Import vertical FOV radio button then either channel 7 (c7) of a Houdini .chan file or channel 8 (c8) of a Nuke .chan file will be read as a vertical field of view setting. You read more about importing .chan/.mov files here.

For more information about importing FBX files please see the FBX Reference.


These settings apply to both .chan/.mov and FBX import.

  • Import position: If this setting is checked position data will be imported.
  • Import rotation: If this setting is checked rotation data will be imported.
  • Import FOV: If this is checked FOV data is imported.

Chan options
The following settings apply to importing .chan/.mov files.

  • Import Z up: If this is checked then it's assume the data in the file uses Z up for it's coordinates. Terragen will convert that to its Y up coordinate system.
  • Import vertical FOV: If this radio button is checked Terragen will read the vertical field of view (FOV) setting from the file if it's present.
  • Import focal length: If this is checked Terragen will read values from the file as if they specify focal length. TBC
  • Import focal length to FOV: If this is checked Terragen will read values from the file as if they specify focal length and then convert it to field of view. TBC

FBX options
These options apply to FBX import.

  • Convert to metres: If this is checked imported units are converted to metres, which are of course the units TG uses. You would normally want this to be checked.

These parameters apply to .chan/.mov and FBX import.

  • Import offset: This setting allows you to offset the positions imported from the file. As an example, you might want the positions imported from the file to be moved 10 metres in the X direction. To do that enter 10 for the X coordinate and import the file.
  • Import scale: You can use this setting to scale values imported from the file.

  • Import filename: This param specifies the file to be imported. When you a choose a new file you will be prompted to import the file. If you choose not to import it immediately you can click the Import File button to perform the import.

    If you're importing an FBX file the FBX Import: Camera dialog will open to let you choose which camera from the file you want to import, along with some other options.

  • Import file: Click this button to import the file specified in the Import filename param.

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