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The Mixer colour picker panel lets you mix two colours together to get the final colour.

Colour picker mixer.jpg

The Mixer picker panel has three main sections - the Colour 1 section, Colour 2 section and the Mixture section.

The Colour 1 area lets you choose the first colour to mix. When you change to the Mixer panel this colour is set to the current New colour. You can change the colour with the RGB sliders.

The Colour 2 area lets you choose the second colour using the RGB sliders.

The Mixture area lets you control the mixing of the two colours. The colour well beside the Mixture label shows you the mixed colour. The slider below lets you control the proportions of the two colours in the mixture. Moving the slider to left adds more of Colour 1 and moving it to the right adds more of Colour 2.

The Mixer picker panel doesn't let you use the Randomise button of the colour picker.

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