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The Help menu contains items which assist you in using Terragen 2.


Open Online Documentation in Browser: This item will open the online TG2 documentation in your web browser.

Mouse and Key Settings: This item opens the TG2 Mouse and Key Settings window, which displays all the current mouse and key input actions and how to make them. You can change these settings in the Input Settings preference panel.

Visit Planetside Forums on the Web: This item opens the your web browser and takes you to the Planetside Forums website, which is at

Check for Updates...: This item checks for new updates to TG2. If there is a new update available you can choose to go to a web page where you can download the new version. Please note that Check for Updates will connect over the internet to Planetside but no personal or private information is transmitted.

There is more information about TG2's Software Update here.

About Terragen 2 (Windows only): This item opens the Terragen 2 About Box. The Mac version About Box can be opened from the Terragen 2 Menu.

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