Smoothing Filter Shader

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The Smoothing Filter Shader asks upstream shaders (via its main input) to produce a "smoother" output. The scale of the smoothing effect can be controlled with the smoothing scale parameter. Features that are smaller than the smoothing scale should not be produced by the upstream shaders, and any sharp edges should be smoothed according to smoothing scale. The scale can also be modulated with a function input called scale modulator. You can use this to mask the smoothing effect in different places or to add subtle variations.

At the time of writing (v4.1.18), only a few shaders react correctly to the smoothing request: Power Fractal Shader v3, Cloud Fractal v3 and Fractal Warp Shader. We'd like to add smoothing support to more shaders in future.

Obey downstream smoothing filters is an option you can turn on or off for each Power Fractal Shader V3, Cloud Fractal Shader V3 and Fractal Warp Shader.

A parameter is an individual setting in a node parameter view which controls some aspect of the node.