Supported Image Formats

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This page lists the image file formats Terragen 3 supports. TG3 can open all of these file formats wherever you specify image files.

TG3 supports fewer of these formats for saving images. Supported formats will generally be listed in the appropriate Save dialog.

TG3 can open images in many bit depths.

Supported Formats
Adobe Photoshop - psd
C64 Koala Graphics - koa
DirectX Surface - dds
Dr. Halo - cut
Graphics Interchange Format - gif
High Dynamic Range Image - hdr
IFF Interleaved Bitmap - iff,lbm
ILM OpenEXR - exr
JPEG-2000 File Format - jp2
JPEG-2000 codestream - j2k,j2c
JPEG - JFIF Compliant - jpg,jif,jpeg,jpe
JPEG Network Graphics - jng
Kodak PhotoCD - pcd
Macintosh PICT - pct,pict,pic
Multiple-image Network Graphics - mng
Portable Bitmap (ASCII) - pbm
Portable Bitmap (RAW) - pbm
Portable Greymap (ASCII) - pgm
Portable Greymap (RAW) - pgm
Portable Network Graphics - png
Portable Pixelmap (ASCII) - ppm
Portable Pixelmap (RAW) - ppm
Portable floatmap - pfm
RAW camera image - 3fr,arw,bay,bmq,cap,cine,cr2,crw,cs1,dc2,dcr,drf,dsc,dng,erf,fff,ia,iiq,k25,kc2,kdc,mdc,mef,mos,mrw,nef,nrw,orf,pef,ptx,pxn,qtk,raf,raw,rdc,rw2,rwl,rwz,sr2,srf,srw,sti
Raw fax format CCITT G.3 - g3
SGI Image Format - sgi,rgb,bw,gba
Sun Raster Image - ras
Tagged Image File Format - tif,tiff
Truevision Targa - tga,targa
Windows Icon - ico
Windows or OS/2 Bitmap - bmp
Wireless Bitmap - wap,wbmp,wbm
X11 Bitmap Format - xbm
X11 Pixmap Format - xpm
Zsoft Paintbrush - pcx