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Terragen 3 can gather together a project and its assets and place them all in a specified folder. The assets of a project are things like object files, images used for texture maps and masks, heightfield files and so on. Essentially assets are the separate files the nodes in a project refer to. The main reason for gathering a project would be to allow you to easily package up a project and its assets for sending to a render farm or to someone else.

Please note that project gathering is not available in the Free edition.

Gathering a project copies the project file and its assets into a folder you specify. The copy of the project is updated with new paths to the copied assets. All the assets are copied into one folder so the gathering process will rename files and update any references to those files as needed.

Gathering of file sequences is not supported at the moment. If a file sequence is found in a project then the you can still choose to gather the project and then copy the files for the file sequences and make the changes needed to the project yourself. File sequence support will be added in a later release.

You can gather a project by choosing Export Gathered Project from the File menu. This will open the Gather Project window which allows you to set up and start the gathering process. The Gather Project window documentation has more information about the gathering process.

Gather Project Window
Read the documentation for the Gather project window here.

A heightmap or heightfield is an array of height values, usually in a grid which describe the height at specific points in a defined area. Heightfields are used to represent real-world and virtual terrain in a specific, easily converted format. Most heightfields can be represented as simple image data in grayscale, with black being minimum height and white being maximum height.