Waves in TG2????

Started by Marcos Silveira, March 16, 2007, 12:44:14 pm

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Marcos Silveira

March 16, 2007, 12:44:14 pm Last Edit: March 16, 2007, 12:50:37 pm by ro-nin
Hi, is it possible in TG2???[attachthumb=#]

Someone called JCinBAMA just posted this in terranuts and said he made it with an image map...
But how???
Could someone tell if it's actually 3d???


Its a photo, without a doubt.
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Go to Terranuts and read his/her replies. I think someone is trying to BS us.  ;)

Marcos Silveira

OK :-\

Just waiting for the day...

and waiting and waiting....


Haaaa, if that is 3D i will eat my Hat!        ;D


theres no way you could do that with an image map! If that was 3d then I will eat my socks (hat was already taken ;) )


The world is round... so you have to use spherical projection.


I would assume by "done with an image map" they meant taking a photo of a wave and just mapping it to a terrain. Hardly revolutionary. ;D

- Oshyan


OK forget about the wave brothers,

  The way I see it waves are shaders that we apply to the water right? So there actually should be a way to make that as a shader and have it look that good.  When I do buy the full version of TG2 I was hoping that that would be one of the features they are working on for a final alpha, but maybe not.
  I have heard though here and there that they are working on it.  I know that allot of video games use shaders to make their water look real with waves, from Guld Wars to Rolly Coaster tycoon and more, so it should not be a whole stretch to get there from here with waves.  Some bright boy will find a way and show us the path I am betting. /smiles....

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i was duped.. i thought he produced the whole thing in tg2..



I'm currently *trying* to create waves with crests with functions, but I've hit a dead end.  If I can't figure it out, then there's always using the function exp(sin(x)) and using the redirect shader (see "A function only landscape" in the image sharing boards).


I would like to re-post this that I posted in response to a question over at Ashundar which was also to do with waves such as the one pictured above:

Waves like you describe are vary complex phenomena and would be extremely difficult to implement unless you modeled the underlying physics.

Breaking shallow water waves start far out at sea, with the sea surface been displaced by wind pressure, this combined with the centripetal force generated by the rotation of the earth produces waves.

The motion under the sea surface is a elliptical one, when the deep water wave approaches shore it increases in height until the force of gravity which is pulling on it means it can no longer support its own weight and the wave lip collapses in an asymmetrical fashion and this is what you see when a wave breaks.

There are many complex phenomena at work such as wave/ shore interaction that are not fully understood and so it would be vary difficult to produce an algorithm to render such phenomena without that data.

Terragen would need a 3D fluid solver probably based on a quad-tree data structure to do breaking surf, and the sea spray should be automatically generated.

This fluid solver would need to also consider:

Naiver-Stokes Equation
Reynolds Number
Law of Energy Conservation
Newtons Laws of Motion
Non-Ideal Fluids
Compressible and Non-Compressible Fluid Flow

those are just some of the things the solver would have to consider and since your talking about waves they would have to except back lighting and subsurface scattering, the water produced by this solver would need to consider multiple forward and backward scattering not single forward scattering as proposed in some of the computer graphics literature.

If you wanted to take it a stage further along, since you have a sun object and Terragen is capable of producing clouds, you could implement an evaporation model into Terragen; so that your bodies of water became a source of water vapor and also sea spray, is a source of cloud condensation nuclei without which you would have no clouds.


I know that Terragen is not going to to Physically accurate any time soon but there you have it, this is what it is take it or leave it.

Regards to you.



Use that..overshader or something on a terrain in the middle of a lake/water, then add that spray can in MS Paint and ta da! You've got yourself an awesome looking wave :)

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Cyber-Angel, how do you always seem to know about the physics behind this stuff? Do you have a degree in Physics?



To answer you question no I don't have a degree in physics, but I spend a lot of time reading whats out there on the Internet and then trying to peace it all together. I just happen to love finding relationships in complex phenomena and have come to the conclusion the world in which we live isn't nearly as complex as people seem to think it is.

The way I look at it is this software such Terragen try to model parts of the natural physical world and its many phenomena, conversely then nature has certain immutable laws which we call the laws of physics.

Put it another way cut a slice from an apple, you have a partially whole apple not the complete whole; representing nature on a computer then at the moment with all the fudging, workarounds and so forth is like the apple with the missing slice it isn't the complete picture and therefore not as one would expect.

As computers get more powerful new methods replace the old, if your going to represent nature on a computer then nature has rules that need to be followed just like if people go up against nature and as you know nature wins every time, you cannot escape the fundamental laws of physics and how they interact with one another.

As it stands right now there are two many uncertainties, to many unknowns and areas of grey about various aspects of how nature works, what we know to be true today may not be so in ten or even fifty years form now, but that is what discovery (Not the Channel) and a sense of wonder (I never lost mine) will do for you.

Regards to you.



Well that science channel will do that to you ;) I, for one, am sad that the world has gotten so specialized. What ever happened to the renaissance man(or woman)? I kinda of wish I could go off on only a whim and my curosity and see what I could discover but for that I would need some money. My dream is to one day either get into space or get myself a minisub and go the Mariana Trench if not to only finsish what Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard  started.


The world is round... so you have to use spherical projection.