Waves, once more

Started by Dune, April 15, 2011, 03:14:15 am

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I easily get triggered by things I see and read here on the forum (and indeed other input of images), whether it be rocks, sand, lush vegetation or whatever, so I was once again tempted to dig up my old water files (by Dandel0's simple shape waves). The terrain is quite awful, and I don't yet understand why the reflective shore line goes up near the bluff, and I also found out that I need to pay more attention to artistic composition, but the water came out quite nice.
Same principle as I used in my NWDA water scheme, a bit simplified. There is another one at NWDA which is interesting, by the way.

Now, I got the idea again to make a partially sand covered railway track, so here we go again...




Nicely done, as usual, Ulco! Great! 8)


Can't wait to see where this goes.


You seem to be able to get out the whole alphabet before I can utter a syllable. Very nice work on these waves with the foam. I'm thinking you've got enough techniques going here to write a book.


I think it is most important to know what certain nodes do. Every setup is different and it's not that you can just plug in some pre-made tgc and it's perfect. The nodes behave differently in almost every setup, and to counter the bad effects, you'd have to know where to look for the mistake, and conjure up something. That's what got me addicted anyway, it's an adventure.

What I wanted to say, is that it's not easy to write it all down for everyone to make perfect renders right away. A lot of experimentation will always be involved (I guess).

Henry Blewer

I have found the same with my much simpler terrain setups. I have tried and tried to explain how things work in a tutorial I am trying to write, but I always leave out something... Different types of terrain and clouds need various node setups; all of which takes practice and experimentation.

Back to the thread... Your waves are awesome. I think Hannes or Dandelo are the only two other people here who can compete with this.
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For me it is trial and error until the result gets to a point where I think it is acceptable. However, experimentation is learning. Both you Ulco and both Martins; plus Hetzen and many others continue to contribute to the pique the enthusiasm of all of us with your inspiring works.

Waves like these are essential for shoreline scenes.


The update is going to be a bit nicer again, but it took (as said) a lot of tweaking.


Update. Still some glitches, but I got some more ideas this morning...


Let alone seeing this, you can almost hear it ...fine work here Ulco.


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Looks nice Dune  :)
Did you tried a kind of your rail road method here ?
I am not sure Dune ,but it seems to me that after a certain point in waves you have to use cheats ,
or-and there have to be another new TG2 software feature!
But your rail road did surprised me very much , so i am not so sure now :)


Thats extremely impressive! as choronr said i can almost hear the waves! how long did this take to render?