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Started by dandelO, April 24, 2011, 11:04:37 pm

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If you have the animation capability then I might give you a shout at some point, man. :)
I only have a little dual core@2ghz to render on so things can get a little tedious sometimes if each frame takes any longer than a minute or two.


Yeah I have everything, My school is awesome that way.. Well not everything, I have animation at least. XD

Okay well send your file when you want to, I generally am away at school 8 hours a day. so its not like its a problem.


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Seth, imagine your test forest or, Ecoute ta Nature(with maybe a slower camera path in that one to see the blowing). Those would look even more amazing!

* Frame 105 now...


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Doubled the length. Excuse the Cinepak compression and the further Youtube degradation. I'll try and get the HQ one up on Vimeo later.

Render detail=0.75 AA=4.

* This post will take away my current post count so I'll immortalize it here.



* HQ version uploading to Vimeo. Weirdly, the 30 minute waiting time for a free account upload seems to have been raised to 1 hour 20 minutes, gah! ...


This is all really impressive.  Since the Raytracing objects became available I haven't messed around with the older style of rendering the objects.  Are these tests all done using the "Medium Quality" setting?  Have you tried anything using "Ultra Quality"?


Hi, Ryan. These tree tests used medium quality, I forgot to change it here. Doh!

The grass ones used 'very high quality'. I didn't see much difference between that and ultra, to be honest.


Cool. I just ran a test on 'ultra' on an arbitrary frame... Turns out it was 1/4 faster to render. Work that one out.



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Vimeo link;

Still looks a bit dodgy because it's resized up to fit the window. It should be at the size of the frames above. Oh well.

View it at the correct size without stretching on my site.


Your an amazing and gifted artist! *Big Applause*  8)
That´s a really cool movie and extra cool special effects craftsmanship.



Since when were displacements in TG limited to the normal? You can displace objects in any direction using a Redirect Shader ;) Go do your magic...
Just because milk is white doesn't mean that clouds are made of milk.


Hi, Matt. I tried and found that the tree trunks just seemed to be getting thicker and thinner as the noise rolled over them. Maybe I just had the scales too small so it looked that way, I'll see if I have any temp files to show what I mean. Cheers. :)


Your noise scale would have to be much larger than the width of your trunks and branches, and then you won't notice much change in thickness. But, if you think about it, you need the scale to be much larger anyway, because trunks don't bend as much as leaves!
Just because milk is white doesn't mean that clouds are made of milk.


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I don't have any now, the images are all overwritten. I'll try again after.
I must have just went with too small a scale for the tree trunks. Shame, I'm 70 frames into another 120 just now. :D