Disappearing Terrain List

Started by rcallicotte, March 30, 2007, 10:44:27 am

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In certain instances (I'm not 100% sure which), I've found that the Terrain objects are considered gone by the program.  So, if I go to add something in the terrain objects, TG2 gives me a message about needing to have terrain.  When this happens, I go to the node network and see the original terrain is intact and all connected, but the Terrain under the file menu is empty.  If I add a crate shader (as an example) to the Terrain node group and attach there, nothing shows up in the terrain.  Also, if try to generate a heightfield, TG2 goes through the motions (0% to 100% complete) without doing anything to the terrain.

Since I have so little information, I'll continue to pay closer attention and fill this in as I know more.
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Sounds like you might have moved everything to after the generate terrain node.


This sometimes happens if you delete the starter heightfield node I believe. There are various network-to-node-view issues that will be worked on as we move forward. Synching a complex, "open-ended" network system with a simple list can be challenging. ;D

- Oshyan