yellow field [final FINAL 08-01-2013]

Started by Walli, July 24, 2013, 05:33:17 am

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A future Dutch master ... I think of Vincent- This is looking more brilliant every time


Looking forward to the whole image ...looking fine so far.


Keep going with this :)  I love that the atmo is plain and simple - looks very realistic.  The large tree detracts from the realism somewhat, though - perhaps it's a lack of transparency/edge glow on the leaves?


Walli as a modeller and someone who uses a lot of objects in the scene I have a question for you. Do you turn the ray traced objects option off so that you're able to use displacement on your objects?

I assume there's a downside to turning off the RTO option otherwise why would you ever use it if you lose displacements, what is the downside?



Walli Van Gogh?   looking good, I did a similar model a few yrs back, not near as good as this


usually I prefer raytraced on. With TG2 I then use (if needed and possible) the highpoly version so that I donĀ“t need displacement anymore.


probably final, lets see ;-)


This is really beautiful, Walli. I think I can hear the birds singing and I can smell the air. Summer!


just for fun, because someone mentioned "painter"



Very realistic scene, peaceful also !


Very nice, but I can't keep myself from some crits. You know I mean well  ;) It is a field of some crop, no? Then the 'same color hillock' in the distance looks a bit odd. Crit 2 is the wide angle; it seems now as if the farm lady is pushing the fence. I think I would prefer another POV, where you see the fence angling away somehow, and a more 'normal angled lens'.
But it does have a very pleasant atmosphere! 


This delivers the peak of summer. Very nice composition.


I like it a lot. But why no arms?
It has been eaten.