yellow field [final FINAL 08-01-2013]

Started by Walli, July 24, 2013, 05:33:17 am

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July 24, 2013, 05:33:17 am Last Edit: August 01, 2013, 02:59:30 am by Walli
early wip of a scene I am working on.



Smashing render - I love the tranquility of the scene - and must be modelled on the UK as the sun is shining (finally!).
Every problem is an opportunity, but there are so many opportunities it is a problem!


Beautiful scene, looking forward to the high res versions and if/when you will sell your fence model. :)


a great field of beautiful looking plants, and a cool fence too!


Very nice Walli :)

I have (or had may be) the exact same idea for a scene when I bought your latest flowers.
Last year I was in east-germany, near the czech border and there were also hills and fields with yellow flowers I don't know the name of.
Using your new plants I wanted to reproduce such a scene, but it seems you're a step ahead of me :)

Looking forward to see more, as this looks very promising!



WIP? It already looks like movie quality.
Only problem I have is its too small to use as wallpaper.

It has been eaten.


Fantastic there's a spot like that not far from me even has the same sort of fence


Beautiful! If it's just the WIP, I can't wait to see your final.


I like the second one. Nice setup. The pink flowers add a cool colour contrast.

Jo Kariboo

May be small but the picture looks very promising. Obviously I'd like to see in a larger format !


Reminds me of the mid west farmlands in Iowa ...very nice Walli.


Pretty jaw-dropping thus far!


thanks. I am testing some objects at the moment. I think I might move the tree a bit more to the back, as I wanted focus to be on the field. Also modeled a little barn


Agree Walli.
I like the barn idea. It adds to the overall image.

The tree you just added is real nice. I think you should keep it too. But definitely put it far enough back that it does not obstruct those beautiful rolling hills.
It has been eaten.


some progress