Large spherical image in TG3 - only black

Started by BangelOz, July 30, 2013, 08:05:22 am

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I want to create some very big spherical images. I started a very simple scene with no surface objects, only a simple 2d cloud layer. Lower resolutions - no problem. At 10.000 x 5.000 - nearly ok except some black parts in the first line. Memory usage of TG3: 6 of 8 GB!?
At 20.000 x 10.000 - only black and the startup message 'Preparing to render' and remaining black after waiting one night. Memory usage of TG3: about 1 GB. I take the same and choose crop render of that (end-output 4.000x2.000) - no picture, only black and 'Preparing to render'. There are no error- or warning messages in the box.
Is that not possible with only 8GB? I hoped this would work here, too.


If the 10k image uses up 6 Gb then you're probably getting close to the limit of what's possible on your machine. Nevertheless, it sounds like Terragen isn't handling this situation correctly. You might be able to reduce RAM use for large images by turning off GI Surface Details in GI Settings, if it is on, and closing the 3D Preview and any other shader previews before rendering.

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With GI surfaces details and 3D preview off the 10.000 x 5.000 renders with now over 2 GB memory instead of 6.
At 20.000 x 10.000 it renders now with over 6 GB. But a part in the middle of the first lines are remaining black.
Perhaps a crop render could help. But although only the crop region is rendered it generates a full resolution image with the rest, non chosen region in black - which needs the same full memory? With a real only crop image generated i could stitch them together.